AU Marine Biology Expedition 2012

Follow Ashland University's marine biology class Bio 412 as we venture to the Outer Banks of North Carolina


  1. We hash tagged our trip as #aubio412, shown here in light writing on the beach.
  2. We may get a little rain
  3. Entertainment during the 13+ hour drive to the beach:
  4. We make it to the beach that night after tents are set up
  5. Off on Friday morning for Kayaking from the Manteo docks on Roanoke Island
  6. Gearing up to kayak in Manteo
    Gearing up to kayak in Manteo
  7. Heading out in the boats
    Heading out in the boats
  8. No YSI water measurements, but the non-electric secchi disk still works
  9. After kayaking on Friday we spent the afternoon at the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island.  Several students in the class recorded species observations by Twitter.