The New Hampshire Primary on Social Media

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  1. To start, learn more about Primaries (and Caucuses) with this informative video by C.G.P. Grey:
  2. Primary Elections Explained
  3. Rick Santorum's trying to cash in on the sudden popularity of his sweater vests. You can get one, too! (For a donation of $100 or more) Rick's Vest is, apparently, all in favor of the plan:
  4. Ron Paul took to Twitter to let his New Hampshire supporters know where he was spending the day:
  5. Can you see Jon Huntsman? He's in there somewhere.
  6. Mitt Romney's calling on his supporters to "earn it."
  7. Newt Gingrich took primary day in New Hampshire to voice his opinion on Voter ID laws.
  8. Rick Perry's campaign sent out this image to Facebook fans, while his Twitter feed remained quiet:
  9. Buddy Roemer takes a jab at Google for not including him in this results breakdown:
  10. Reuters asked Twitter followers and Facebook fans to answer a simple poll about who will win Tuesday's primary:
  11. Google Politics is on the scene, and they're using the #FITN hashtag (New Hampshire's primary is "First In The Nation")
  12. CNN's got a Twitter hashtag dedicated to their coverage: