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The Maryland, D.C. and Wisconsin Primaries on Social Media

Follow along with Mashable as we track the Maryland; Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin primaries on social media.


  1. Most of the candidates used their social media networks to Get Out the Vote and help voters find their polling places:
  2. According to Google, Romney's the King of Search in Wisconsin and Maryland today, but interested peaked for Santorum late last week:
  3. This Secret Service agent is angry about something - or maybe he's just hungry:
  4. Another behind-the-scenes shot from the Romney crew:
  5. Mitt Romney's wife Ann had a minor gaffe early Tuesday afternoon:
  6. Voters across the country showed off their just-voted pride:
  7. There's a Democratic primary, too, even though President Obama is unchallenged:
  8. Rick Santorum released this web ad today with a twist ending: