London 2012 Olympic Games - Before the Opening Ceremony, Day 1

Contrary to popular belief, the first Olympic games aren't played after the Opening Ceremony. The Women's Soccer tournament begins on July 25, and the Mens Tournament begins on July 26. Here is what happens before the Olympic torch is lit.

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  1. US vs France, Women's Soccer

  2. USA defeated France by a score of 4-2. 
  3. The US Women's National Team posted several behind the scenes photos.
  4. Hampden Park all dressed up for the Olympics. #london2012
  5. Abby Wambach, a popular American forward known for her tendency to score goals by heading the ball into the net, shared her excitement on Twitter this morning. 
  6. After she scored one of her signature headers, a parody account born during the World Cup began to celebrate.
  7. An American fan in the stands.
  8. North Korea vs Colombia, Women's Soccer

  9. North Korea defeated Colombia 2-0.

    The game between North Korea and Colombia was delayed at the start.
  10. Eventually the reason came to light- a graphics mishap. The South Korean flag was shown while introducing North Korean players, and infuriated North Korean players left the pitch in protest.
  11. The offending screen:
  12. Eventually, the North Koreans took the field. 
  13. Because of the delay, many spectators left the stadium.