1. Crafting the perfect email is an art. It takes time and effort to build the perfect formula that will make the recipient not only want to click into the email, but to respond, too. The key to crafting these emails a perfect balance between being clever, clickable and concise.

    Just like every other division in business, email marketing has evolved into an extremely competitive medium. Hundreds of thousands of brands hire the best graphic designers and copywriters in the industry to create components that make some of the best emails in the market. However, in some situations, over doing a marketing email with bells, whistles, and buzzers can hurt the reputation of a brand rather than help it. The key to crafting successful emails is learning how to establish yourself as a leader, working toward building a genuine, mutual-beneficial relationship with the recipient, and keeping your audience engaged and interested through the power of your words.

    @mashbusines and several email experts participated in a #BizChats Twitter chat to discuss how professionals can improve their email marketing strategy.
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