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#BizChats: How to fail forward in business

Mashable discussed how to grow professionally and push past fear in business.


  1. Failing is never easy. What’s even harder is finding the strength and the will to bounce back from a struggle. What holds many professionals back in business is the fear of failure. However, it’s in the midst of that struggle where you learn how to build up grit, endurance and the self-confidence to overcome obstacles.

    Truly, the fear of failure starts in the mind. When presented with an opportunity that has an unknown trajectory, your mind instantly starts to formulate different scenarios that usually doesn’t resolve in a pleasant outcome. It’s a defense mechanism. In order to counteract this career-crippling habit, we're here to share tips on how to shift your mindset from a negative into a positive and learn to fail forward.

    @mashbusines and several spiritual advisors and career experts participated in a #BizChats Twitter chat to discuss how professionals how to overcome obstacles in business.
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