Unique Snacks Crackers Taste Sensations Salak


  1. So far we know the salak pondoh as one of the original farm products from the city itself. Now, enjoying salak pondoh can be in a variety of ways, one of them with a foundation of salak crackers.

    Crackers instead of foreign food for the people of Indonesia, and usually have a saltiness and presented as complementary snacks. However, the saltiness is not found on salak crackers. The original flavor of the sweet and essentially sepet attached tightly on snacks crackers this salak. Our initial bite of crackers, we will feel the tongue will taste crispy and sweet, but then will feel the sweet sepet him.

    Innovation of making this snack was discovered  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-roti-goreng-isi-coklat.html  by Mother Surani, the citizens of Kutayasa, Madukara, Banjarnegara, Central Java in early 2010.

    "Initially these efforts to meet the needs of life and seeing a lot of salak pondoh that exist around the House. So greget want to utilize ", said female birth Banjarnegara 59 years ago.

    Then the mother and child, Surani tried to innovate make snacks made from salak pondoh be crackers salak. After experiencing trialerror, salak crackers now finally become one of the typical snacks that its distribution had already reached Banjarnegara in Java-Bali.

    Surani's own mother never distribute its trading commodities.  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-pepes-tahu-udang-enak-banget.html  He's just mendistribusikanya through sales and the internet. He also actively follow the series of events organised by the Office of Indagkop and SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES of the city itself. As a result, nowadays crackers salak is get permission from the Department of health and the halal label. For kedepanya, is being proposed for granting this type of snacks on the brand.

    In the production process, the mother Surani desist itself and aided by the relatives Agree Food Company. In one day, the production of Salak Crackers could reach 10 to 20 Kg. prices for snacks is affordable enough that $ 1 per ounce. (ule)