Sompil, Typical Culinary Patuk is worth a try


  1. A typical meal in district Patuk drowning, sompil a year later back in easily found. What it looks like and where to get it?

    When the culinary curious, you can explore  the hamlet of Ngasemayu, the village of Salam, Patuk Gunungkidul. Unlike most of the stalls, the setting of this place looks like a regular House. The plaque is inscribed with the typical Sompil Eatery Patuk Bu Padmi proves stalls located on the edge of this highway. The owner, Supadmijah or Padmi now aged 56 years. This business has been running for three generations.

    "I've been able to make sompil since fourth grade elementary school. My grandma used to be selling sompil, "said he to the , Tuesday (18/11/2014).

    He began selling in 1990. First, he was encouraged by  his friends to sell sompil if there is an event in the village. However, the effort only lasted until 1993. In 2003, Padmi tried selling again until 2006.

    "I really feel tiredness so stop at first until 2013 when Pak Camat know I can make a sompil," said he.

    Padmi admitted are encouraged to make sompil return because the food has the appeal and must be preserved. Padmi else agree with that idea. Then, he started jualannya again. He claims to be happy, be back selling sompil who are already familiar with it since childhood.

    "Thank God, his fans a lot. Usually groups of coming or booked for the meeting, "he said.

    Presentation of sompil any current assortment. Combine that with some vegetable Curry with lombok, satay, goulash up. However, trying to stick to a mix of Padmi which he had inherited from childhood.