Shopping and Culinary destinations in Macau


  1. Closely related to holiday shopping. Whether it's shopping gift shop or buy something for yourself that rare found in Your everyday life.

    This law is applicable when you vacation anywhere, inside  or outside the country. But, usually shopping during the holidays will be more outrageous and extraordinary, when in the country people.

    Well, speaking of holiday shopping at the break, and maybe the current G-Readers are on vacation to Macau or indeed already have plans should visit countries that entered the Top 10 Tourism destinations in the 2015 version of Lonely Planet, the Ghiboo had the right shopping destination references and very close to recommed.

    The first mandatory shopping You went to is, The Venetian.  His view is an elegant, beautifully spacious tub of Royal Court ascertained will make you terperanga amazed at this shopping site.

    There is a mall at The Venetian which presents approximately 3,000 tenant from brand-brand upmarket. Not just a mall, The Venetian also features a variety of entertainment, and hotels.

    Still lacking? Shopping is still unstoppable lust? Please visit New Yaohan Department Store, located on the peninsula of Macau.

    Tourists usually shop here, deliberately looking for personal needs rather than simply gift shop. For example, cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, shoes, bags, and sports equipment to the household.

    Not just a complete, New Yaohan Department Store as well as its branded goods, Burberry, Coach, classmate Chloe, Calvin Klein, Dolce Gabbana, Armani &, Gucci, until Bvulgari can you find here.

    Shopping, especially just looking for gift shop we usually prefer places that are selling at bargain prices. When The Venetian and the New Yaohan Department Store for branded class, let's lower level a little bit.

    Senado Square, a shopping area that is very popular in Macau. Tour guide you will definitely merefrensikan this place.

    Arguably the Senado Square into a pedestrian zone buy fruit hand as souvenirs, food, to many clothes are sold here. Reserved price? Senado Square with the price relatively cheap, even all-out negotiable.

    With a relatively inexpensive price, makes many visitors went to Senado Square. Membludaknya visitors are not dealt with shopping area, which is on a narrow little alley. But, this is where lies the treatment in a shop at Senado Square.

    Other shopping places that you can visit when in Macau, is the Red Market. Shopping with dominant red, this building, is filled with stalls, selling a variety of goods. Usually visitors here to buy clothes. A range of fashion is sold complete, fair of adult clothing, men's, children until the babies are here.

    Happy shopping in Macau, surely the soul of adventure has not been satisfied if not tasting food specifically. Want to know what are the specialties of Macau? And certainly, this food must You hurry when bersandang to Macau.

    Minchi, a favorite of young children in Macau, consisting of minced beef, served with potato cubes, and served with fried egg.

    Then there is the food menu called Golden or Codfish Macanese food. The menu is a mix of Portuguese and Asian cuisines, consisting of cooked dried cod, and is served with white rice and a salad.

    In addition to the heavy, G-Readers should also try cakes or dessert foods typical of Macau. There are Coconut Custard, menu is a mix of corn flour, sugar, milk, coconut milk and lemon that poured into greased mold. How to eat in cold conditions and mutual toast.

    With almost the same ingredients, there's food there is every type of cake that kerb Macau. You know the pie what is it? Egg tart! Yes, You must try this cake when in Macau. Tastes good and is guaranteed to make G-Readers hooked.

    The last names of Macau's specialties could be Your recommendation when hunting food. As for the location, in the famous culinary place Macau, Rua Do Cunha.

    Here you will find food such as Koi Kei Bakeri sells food bread, cakes, candied almonds to Macau-style jerky. Or, you will be very lucky if it was already plotting a holiday to Macau in November-December.

    The reason, the ongoing activities of the Macau Food Festival, on 7 – 23 November 2014, and Macau Shopping Festival in the entire month of December.