Healthy Snack Recipes: Egg Rolls Sweet Purple


  1. Healthy Snack Recipes: Egg Rolls A Purple Yam. Purple Yam is famous for its tasty and beneficial for health. Nowadays a lot of people vying to make a variety of food from this one. This time the Daily Indo try serves light snacks made from purple sweet potato are  delicious and definitely healthier.

    How to make egg rolls Sweet Purple is quite easy, so that you can practise with your friends or family at home. In addition to preparing ingredients recipes  egg rolls Sweet Purple can also be found easily.

    The following are the steps to make egg rolls Sweet Purple daily offerings of Indo quoted from the page Vemale, Sunday (23/11/2014), starting from the materials used.


    Purple Yam flour 250 g
    50 ml thick coconut milk
    150 ml of water
    3 btr chicken eggs, shake it off
    75 g butter, melt

    150 g coconut half old, grated
    50 g granulated sugar
    ½ tsp salt
    1 lbr daun pandan, conclude

    How to make egg rolls a purple Yam:

    Contents: mix coconut, sugar, and salt. Add the pandan leaves and then steamed for 15 minutes until the tanak. Lift. Set Aside.
    Combine the flour, sweet violet, thick coconut milk, water, egg, and melted butter. Mix well.
    Heat a nonstick skillet. 25 – 50 ml pour dough. Make a thin omelet. Matangkan. Do the same thing until the dough runs out. Lift.
    Solution: take 1 sheet omelet. Fill with stuffing. Scroll slowly.  Do until all of the egg contains coconut ingredients.
    Serve immediately.

    How easy, not how to make egg rolls Sweet Purple on top? You can also mengkreasikan purple sweet potato egg rolls recipes with other ingredients to taste. Good luck and hopefully useful.