Enjoy the atmosphere of a "Homey" in Restaurant Patheya


  1. There have been many restaurants that are styled to provide homelike ambiance (homey). Inspired it, Hoed Ningsih Rahayu turn a house in Kemang, South Jakarta, a restaurant by the name of Patheya. To strengthen an atmosphere, this restaurant serves a variety of delicious home-cooked menu, from Asia to Europe.

    Cozy home atmosphere immediately felt when a visitor enters the restaurant Patheya in Kemang Utara. Sofas that are styled comfortably in the left and right side of ' welcome ' in the vestibule. The space fits into place to drink the (tea time) and snack cakes that are just as tempting. In fact, the place also can to simply relaxing and chatting with kongko friends or colleagues.

    Entering the room, guests will find a dining table that lined, like a dining room in a House. No wonder, when the space is recommended for the location of dining with the family.

    For those who want to find a quieter atmosphere, space on the second floor could be the right choice. In fact, on this floor, visitors can enjoy the collection owner Patheya, Hoed Ningsih Rahayu, who arranged the presentable in a mini library at the corner of the room.

    Not just up there, visitors who want to enjoy the out door can choose the room in the back of the shape of a traditional Javanese house style, joglo. In this room, visitors can not only enjoy fine dining, but also live music.

    If visitors come dine on Saturday night, musician and songwriter, Abadi Soesman all-rounder will accompany dinner with the strains of the music. Not only that, the son of a notable musician is Rahayu Indonesia while husband Melly Goeslaw, Anto Hoed, will sometimes play the musical instrument piano. Once in a while, Melly also accompany the husband humming his songs.

    A Culinary Menu
    In addition to the homey atmosphere, the restaurant meal Patheya presents a variety of home-cooked food, whether Indonesia, Asia, and Europe. Uniquely, all the recipes from the food is savory ala Rahayu.

    For food Indonesia, visitors need to try the Oxtail Soup Patheya ' stamped ' champion and recommended by the owner. It feels different than the others because it accentuates the strength of flavor from the spices. Plus more, the gravy from the fresh taste soup out of star fruit vegetables. Not to miss, there are large chunks of oxtail and beef glut.

    In addition, you need to try the Mango Pomelo Salad, Pizza Patheya, and Salmon en Croute would spoil the tongue and stomach, because it tastes good and makes it addictive. Patheya also features homemade cake (homemade), but has a five-star flavour, such as Cheese Cake and Vol Au Vent. The cake is perfect to accompany time tea time, while waiting for terurainya congestion in the area of Kemang.

    Meanwhile, drinks that are offered Patheya also not less treatment. You name it, drinks the juice which not only quenching thirst, but also refreshing. For example, Angel Face, drink with the taste of fresh, fit to drink as the Sun beat down, made from red fruits mixed with lychee.

    No less fresh Snow White made of lychee, yogurt, and Lemongrass. There is also a Tropical Water made from kiwi, simple syrup, lemon juice and lemon. Besides juice, Patheya offers a wide range of delicious coffees in the afternoon at diseruput or just ' friends ' for inspiration.

    Owners Patheya, Rahayu Ningsih Hoed deals with, the restaurant was established because of his fondness for cooking. He opened the restaurant in order to still be able to channel his hobby. No wonder, when the entire dish in the restaurant were from a recipe he made himself.

    "I want to when people come to the restaurant felt homey. Not just in terms of design or atmosphere, but also the food, "says a familiar woman accosted the Yayuk Mother in Jakarta not long ago.

    According to Yayuk, the restaurant can hold up to 200 people. No wonder, when the Patheya deserve a comfortable place for a variety of joint activities, such as the arisan, birthday, or the like. Not only that, occasionally, he also held a culinary education  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/05/resep-cireng-enak.html  activities to share knowledge about food and recipes cakes hers.

    It is in line with the name of Patheya which is derived from the Sanskrit, meaning the provision for travel. Therefore, he wanted the restaurant not just selling food and drink, but also raised the cultural values through activities related to food.

    Speaking of price, Yayuk said, all of the dishes are very  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/05/resep-bakwan-jagung.html  affordable. Main dibandrol food ranging from Rp 50 thousand, while drinks ranging from Rp 30 thousand. When visitors come at lunch, food prices are including iced tea that can be refilled.

    If you want just a high tea in the afternoon, it offers a price of Rp 40 thousand with a wide choice of tea or coffee, dileng