Tell us what you really think: "#F---YouWashington" goes viral on Twitter

An f-bomb hashtag aimed at Washington, D.C. politicos went viral on Twitter thanks to one man's social media crusade. [Warning: This report contains profanity.]


  1. The stalled debt-ceiling talks pissed Jeff Jarvis off. 

    On his Twitter timeline last Saturday night, Jarvis, a journalist and an associate professor at CUNY, sent an explicit communiqué to Washington, D.C. politicos.

  2. He urged others to express their own outrage.

  3. After finding his catchphrase, Jarvis centralized his message and promoted it.

  4. Jarvis' foul language led one of his followers to take him to task.

  5. But Jarvis did not retreat.

  6. Another user suggested turning Jarvis' impassioned malediction into a hashtag.

  7. Doing so turned a single person's complaint into a collective campaign aimed at making "#F---YouWashington" a trending topic.