16 problems Jersey kids face going to school in the South

A large portion of students from the North migrate to attend Southern colleges - the weather, to be far away, the appeal of Southern lifestyle, football, cheaper cost of living, the list goes on. Although appealing, here are some "problems" we face with the culture shock of the South.


  1. 1. The misinterpretation of sarcasm
  2. No I’m not being a bitch, I’m just kidding.
  3. 2. Slow walkers
  4. Southerners walk like they have nowhere to be. Stop staring at all the buildings – walk with a purpose people!
  5. 3. Terrible drivers
  6. Does anyone use blinkers south of the Mason-Dixon Line?
  7. 4. Lack of good pizza and bagels
  8. It’s baffling how an entire region of a country can mess up dough. Pizza and bagels are awful down here, and I can’t explain why.
  9. 5. The reaction to “I’ve never been to (insert Southern fastfood restaurant).”
  10. You would think I had two heads from the face I get when telling Southerners I’ve never been to Bojangles’. I hadn’t even heard of it before moving here.
  11. 6. Accents
  12. No I’m not “tawking” weird, you guys are. Yeah - you guys. Y'all just isn’t natural. I know I’m from New Jersey, but no one talks like the cast of Jersey Shore.
  13. 7. Pumping gas
  14. Learning how to pump your own gas when you go down to a Southern school is like a right of passage. I still prefer Jersey laws – what’s better than sitting in your car while someone else does it for you?
  15. 8. Trying to explain the North Jersey versus South Jersey divide
  16. To put it simply they’re like different states. North Jersey says taylor ham, South says pork roll. North says subs, South says hoagies. Devils fans in the north, Flyers fans in the south. It goes on…
  17. 9. Cursing is frowned upon