insurance auto cheap

insurance auto cheapinsurance auto cheap


  1. insurance auto cheap
  2. insurance auto cheap
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
  5. Anyone know the best insurance companies for young drivers?
  6. I know obviously insurance for the young is gonna get rocket high anyway compared to older people for the same old 'statistical' reasons as always although I don't intentionally drive like an idiot or least intend never to and I do take safety as a big priority and everything, I've passed my test just over 2 years ago with a clean license but still find insurance even for my micra (1 litre 1994 M Reg) costing me a minimum average of 1000 annually, and just below a grand like 900-950ish is roughly the best I've got for my micra from directline but wondering if anyone would know anyone better cost wise? Also why is there so much discrimination against young/new drivers when its actually only the small minority who take the worse of risks and drive like w*****s making it sky high expensive for the rest of us, I can understand it may be statistic but unless u actualy do drive like a so and so I don't see why 'everyone' should be punished with rip off premiums for the sake of the minority number of idiots"
  7. When do I sort out car insurance for a car i've bought?
  8. Do I sort it out before buying the car?
  9. "What do you think are the best cars, that are AFFORDABLE?
  10. Please give a list of your favorite cars that are affordable.
  11. Moped/mototrcycle insurance?
  12. How much can moped or motorcycle insurance be (If the driver is 17) (and how much can a used decent moped or motorcycle be worth, I just want one that runs and hopefully can last a few years)"
  13. Does anyone use or heard of for auto insurance?
  14. seems to have the least expensive insurance rates at plans that are what I currently have. Going with them would save a lot of money but I've never heard of them personally.
  15. Low cost health insurance for people who are unemployed?
  16. I am 61. Worked all my life. I have hypertention, high cholesterol at times since 1990. and degenerative arthritis which does not seem unreasonable at my age. I live in Gary, IN. My position at a local hospital is being phased out."
  17. How much is normal insurance coverage for a ATV?
  18. It is never on the main road as it is illegal in my State.
  19. What happens if you get in a accident with no insurance?
  20. I got in an accident today. It wasn't my car it was my moms, I gave the cop my license, registration, and insurance. However, I didn't know that the insurance was lapsed. It hadn't been paid. There wasn't any damage to the lady's car, and minimal damage to mine. Me and the women were getting ready to take off, but a cop came up, and said that because it was a main road, that we needed to fill out an accident report. She isn't gonna call her insurance company, but if she does, and they find out there wasn't insurance, are there fines to pay, do they take the car? I know I'll have to pay for whatever damages she may have on her car out of my pocket."
  21. How does a 13 year old tell their mom they want to have a baby??? HELP PLEASE :)?
  22. Im 13 and it may be a little weird but im ready for a baby. how do i tell my mom?
  23. How much is gonna cost in Insurance if I buy salvage car here in califonia?
  24. How much is gonna cost in Insurance if I buy salvage car here in califonia?
  25. Where can i get the cheapest car insurance with a dui in northern michigan?