Twitterview With 'Zone One' Author Colson Whitehead

NPR's Steve Inskeep calls Colson Whitehead's new novel, Zone One, "comic but profound." In advance of on-air interview about Whitehead's literary take on a post-pandemic zombie outbreak, the host of NPR's Morning Edition conducts an online interview with the author via Twitter.

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  1. Zone One: A Novel (9780385528078): Colson Whitehead: Books
  2. NPR's Steve Inskeep calls Colson Whitehead's new novel "comic but profound." Set in Manhattan, Zone One takes place in the aftermath a pandemic outbreak that has turned much of the world's population into plague-ridden zombies.

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    In advance of an upcoming on-air interview for Morning Edition, host Inskeep conducted an online interview with the author via Twitter. They discussed Whitehead's inspirations, his setting, working habits -- and even the fate of his characters. ("Yes," Whitehead tells Inskeep, "Zone One is also about porn stars discovering the heroes inside them. Wait -- that sounds bad!")

    The interview stretched over several days, mostly using #zoneone as a hashtag. Like many conversations on Twitter, the discussion settled into a comfortable rhythm after a staccato start (with one abrupt interruption for childcare duties on the first day). I took a few liberties with the timeline to make the conversation easier to follow. I also added comments from others when they became part of Inskeep and Whitehead's back-and-forth.

    I'll add Inskeep's on-air interview below after it airs next week.

  3. Day One, Oct. 6: Inspirations, from films to family (with a brief interruption for childcare duties)

  4. Note: Whitehead's last novel, Sag Harbor, was a coming-of-age story set in a small community of African Americans who spend their summers on the Hamptons.

    Whitehead returns to Inskeep's question about "other apocalyptic stories/films" the novelist might have had in mind while working on his new book....