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Election 2012: What Radio Looks Like

Illustrator Wendy MacNaugton covers NPR as NPR covers Tuesday night's results.


  1. "You don't look like I thought you'd look either." -- a line NPR personalities sometimes use when they appear in public.
    San Francisco artist Wendy MacNaughton put faces to a number of familiar NPR names and voices last night. She was at our Washington headquarters "live illustrating" during the coverage of Tuesday's election results. MacNaughton (@wendymac on Twitter) was part of a group of citizen journalists attending a behind-the-scenes Election Night #nprmeetup hosted by Andy Carvin and Kate Myers of NPR's social media team.
    Wendy posted her illustrations on Instagram and Twitter. Here are some of my personal favorites. 
  2. A few other people attending last night's #nprtweetup also posted images of Wendy at work in Studio 4A. Here are two.