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  1. insurance providers
  2. insurance providers
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
  5. 'ensure' vs. 'insure' - meaning and correct usage?
  6. Is there any difference between these words?
  7. How much would cheap car insurance be in california?
  8. im 18 and its my first car whats a good estimate for cheap insurance
  9. Do bad grades affect the cost of insurance?
  10. it think its only the opposite way, good grades make your insurance cost less if you get the good student discount. but if you have bad grades does it make it cost more?"
  11. Car insurance when diving in the usa?
  12. i'm going to Florida soon and getting a hired car as part of the package.i phoned the travel company who told me it will cost me 300 to insure us for 2 weeks that's almost double what i'm paying for my own annual car insurance is that the going rate or can i get it cheaper shopping around or because there giving me the rental do i have to go with them
  13. Paying to transfer insurance?
  14. I brought a car a few years ago and I'm still not sure how state farm insurance works. Do you have to pay to have your insurance transfer over? I'm under my mothers policy still and our bill is combined. Can someone please help me? I'm buying a new car tomorrow and want to be prepared before. Thank you Only reason I'm asking is because when I first brought a car earlier this year state farm wanted 350 bucks on the spot while I was at the dealer ship. I don't want that to happen again. 28 minutes ago
  15. Car insurance more expensive for men?
  16. I'm twenty five and looking to get my first car, a small 1.3 Nissan, anyway i checked the insurance and it costs 3250 for one year, that sounds extortionate, no? I then went back and done a quote for a lady driver who just turned eighteen January just gone - it would cost 1750. Is that not sorta wrong?"
  17. Being sued by an insurance company?
  18. Hello, I got in a car accident about two years ago and i didn't have insurance, i was found at fault and now im getting sued for $20,000 by the other driver's insurance company, The original amount was $17,000, They have been trying to collect for a longgg time now. I know i blew it off for a long time but now im ready to take responsibility and start trying to pay it. The car i was driving was under my moms name and they are trying to go after her also but i want to take full responsibility. I have to go to court next month, and im wondering if I should get a lawyer to represent me even though i'm guilty. I'm hoping that I can make a payment plan or anything I need to get my life back on track"
  19. "If I add my boyfriend to my car title, do I need to add him to my car insurance?"
  20. He has his own car and his own insurance already. Also, we live in Texas."
  21. What is an Average Home insurance rate of a 2 story house?
  22. 4.5 baths 5 beds 3000 sq feet finished basement 3 decks 1 fenced in gorund pool Please, just and average for 1 month home insurace. No super valuables or anything. (It's for a project) I just can't find anything that won't just give me a chart or some thing. In class we had to make up an imaginary house and get all this different stuff for it. I've found everything,but home insurance rate without having to put in my personal info."
  23. Which is life insurance company is number one position?
  24. Which is life insurance company is number one position?
  25. "Car payments, insurance and registration fees?"