Celebrating 30 Years: The Chrysler Minivan

Thirty years ago this month the first Chrysler minivan rolled off an assembly line in Windsor, Ont. We asked for some pictures and memories. Readers responded on Twitter and Instagram (#nprdodge). Some of our favorites:

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  1. Good bye Red Van! I hated driving you, but it's sad to see you go.. For the most part you were reliable, and you had MANY good memories and family first. Have a good life! #picstitch #memories #redvan #pablo
  2. 2000 - Newly blended family = Brand new 2000 Dodge Caravan Exploring the boardwalk at Great Yarmouth, UK #nprdodge
  3. Fast Forward to America...2007 - Our youth group from Vincent UMC in Minot, ND was on a mission trip at the Spirit Lake Reservation...enter the 2006 Chrysler Town & Country. We chaperoned and drove both of our minivans on this trip. This is where the nicknames were born...the guys roade in the red Dodge Caravan...AKA The Man Van. The girls rode in the gold CT&C, nicknamed The Tan Van. The Tan Van has a built in DVD player and the kids would load into it during breaks on the mission trip and watch movies. #nprdodge