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CNN's Ali Velshi goes toe-to-toe with Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy raged last night, CNN reporter Ali Velshi battled the elements to bring viewers the latest updates. Twitter and Facebook was full of commentary. Here was some of our favourites. We especially love the shirtless dancers that made a cameo during one of his live hits.


  1. As Sandy raged, Velshi was a fixture on the flooded streets of New Jersey.
  2. He can't be stopped. #AliVelshi
    He can't be stopped. #AliVelshi
  3. This guy is THE MAN! #alivelshi #hurricanesandy #infotainment
    This guy is THE MAN! #alivelshi #hurricanesandy #infotainment
  4. Hurricane Sandy coverage - CNN's Ali Velshi
  5. Velshi even managed to keep a straight face when he was video bombed by a trio of shirtless guys.
  6. Ali Velshi Hurricane Sandy Video Bomb
  7. As his coverage wore on, people took to Twitter to call for CNN to allow him back inside. #freealivelshi was trending as the reporter was talking.
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  9. Velshi even managed to score points for the red CNN-branded jacket he wore on camera.