Technology and law firm innovation

A conversation from Twitter (with follow-up)


  1. Last week, Joanna Goodman published a very good analysis of the current state of law firm technology innovation. I tweeted it, and added a reservation.
  2. The conversation flowed from there. Charles Christian suggested that the link with cultural change was essential
  3. I think this is right, but not always understood.
  4. Joanna makes a good point: that, in waiting for cultural change, firms may be overtaken by the pace of technology innovation. We exchange tweets...
  5. Joanna elaborates...
  6. I think this makes my point...
  7. But Joanna turns my analogy against me!
  8. I still think firms need to think more carefully about people and cultural issues, but I agree with Joanna that technological change is now running at such a speed that it needs to be kept constantly in mind.
  9. I have now written a blog post developing some of these ideas, and linking to this Storify.