World Series Game 2: Scary moment for Detroit's Doug Fister

The Tigers pitcher took a solid Gregor Blanco line drive right off the side of the head. Somehow he was completely unfazed and continued his pitchers' duel with the Giants' Madison Bumgarner on Thursday night at AT&T Park.

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  2. Takes it to the head#tigersgame#fister
  3. Media reaction.

  4. Did you know?

    Fister is from Merced and pitched at Fresno State.
  5. Reaction from concerned fans.

  6. Fister is lookin good! I think the hit in the head helped!
  7. Seriously? Fister hit in the head on a come-backer? How is he still in there?
  8. Holy crap! Breaking News: Doug Fister is actually Superman
  9. doug fister has a hard head...glad he wasn't far as we know now