49ers-Packers Pregame: Baby, it's cold at Lambeau Field

No one is tailgating, the players are arriving to see what they're up against, and a trip to the divisional round of the NFC playoffs is on the line. Check out the pregame sights and sounds from the land of frozen tundra.

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  1. Tailgating? Haaaa!
  2. In come the 49ers...
  3. They needed some of this...
  4. Before they attempted this...
  5. They don't want to look ahead, but at least the 49ers can feel good about this.
  6. Our Bay Area News Group team on the ground in Green Bay.
  7. Some looks at how the weather might factor into the game.
  8. A great read from Dan Brown on how much this game means to the Kaepernick family.
  9. Offensive lineman Anthony Davis added some spice to the pregame buildup.
  10. Niners' Davis rips Wisconsin town on Twitter
  11. Meanwhile, NFL fans seem to be having fun with the Lambeau cold motifs...