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  1. Without proper medical supervision such practices, however, can be very dangerous. Few, however, can claim that today's bodybuilders have over their predecessors of twenty years ago on top.
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    In addition, the body produces its own IGF-1, we find this growth factor in small amounts also in colostrums - lactic fluid that is secreted by mammary gland before breast milk Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

    Colostrums can buy virtually every health food store, but we must realize that it is very difficult to obtain IGF-1 this way.

    Like many of the supplements are also IGF-1 consists of a molecule to a peptide-based (composed of a chain of amino acids) 

    Your digestive system therefore with IGF-1 is disposed as with other peptide molecules and decompose it into individual amino acids (as well as other protein sources). You end up accordingly so that you will IGF-1 protein molecule was not maintained.
    The richest source of IGF-1 is genetically modified bacteria. On the basis of recombinant DNA techniques can be obtained almost unlimited source of IGF-1.
    He then sells like frozen white powder, which must be kept in the refrigerator, protected from light (as well as most of the synthetic drugs on the light spreads - which is to be borne in mind when buying on the black market) Grow Taller Exercise

     Before use the powder is suspended in sterile water, giving about 50 cc of solution. Like other synthetic fabrics is IGF-1 and very expensive on the black market to pay for a monthly dose of around $ 5,000, and you can easily get up to twofold with Grow taller 4 idiots scam by Darwin smith