A New Home for the College of Business Administration

Fifteen years ago it was a dream. Two years ago we broke ground. By the start of fall quarter, the dream became a reality with a new three-building business complex at Cal Poly Pomona. The facility has a modern design and includes two auditoriums, tiered classrooms and a student club room.


  1. Here is a quick glimpse of the construction process.
  2. CBA Construction Time Lapse
  3. As soon as construction began, the campus community was eager to see the progress. In fact, it was a common sight to see students peeking through the covered gates, trying to catch a glimpse of the courtyard. By late summer, excitement was building.
  4. my new home starting in the fall @calpolypomona
    my new home starting in the fall @calpolypomona
  5. Can't wait to have my classes in there this fall! Brand new smell!!!
  6. By the first day of school, the gates were taken down and students could see the complex from the inside. Everyone had an opinion!
  7. I am in LOVE with the new College of Business Administration! Great job!
  8. First class in new college of business building, MHR 301.
    First class in new college of business building, MHR 301.
  9. It's nice :) except my class doesn't have a clock or trash can lol
  10. an outlet on every desk! #charge the laptop
  11. The College of Business Administration formally celebrated the complex's opening with a ribbon-cutting on Sept. 21. Hundreds of donors, alumni and students as well as faculty and staff gathered to celebrate. Some toured the complex to look at the new learning spaces while others ate, talked and listened to live jazz music.