Coachella Music Festival Wrap-up 2014

Music and art festival hosted every year in Indio, California. The festival takes place over two weekends and includes many different amenities including performances, shopping, contests, beauty bars, camping, and much more! Music meets fashion meets fun, a must attend music festival in America!


  1. Many Coachella goers were excited to see Nas perform. Performers are always criticized on their performance. Outkast was the group that everyone was looking forward to see perform because they have not performed together since 2002. Unfortunately the performance did not go over to well. Surprise performances definitely made huge statements this year with Pharrell bringing the one and only Jay Z to the stage with him. 
  2. Nas - N.Y. State of Mind - Live at Coachella 2014
  3. Coachella is one of the fashion outings of the year. With many celebrities in attendance. Dirty laundry takes a look at the best and worst dressed of the celebrities at Coachella. Lace, Statement pieces, boots, and flowy pieces were seen on many different people. Standing out and being eclectic is a must at Coachella. 
  4. Best & Worst Dressed Coachella 2014 - Dirty Laundry
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  6. Coachella made sure to thank everyone for coming out and having fun at the festival. For more information on the festival visit the Coachella website! Hopefully next time you can experience it for yourself!
  7. Coachella 2014: Thank You
  8. For more information regarding Coachella below is the link to the website!