Knight-Mozilla Learning lab so far

a summary of our experiences, as we learn how to innovate journalism for the better

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  1. For the past three weeks (and one more week), I participated in an experiment, part of the second stage of the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership, which kicked off in May with an online competition that solicited over 300 news innovation ideas from people around the globe.
  2. Planet MoJo (Mozilla + Journalism)
  3. 63 were chosen to take part of intense classes, learning how to make ourideas a reality. Here's a collection of our mugs and where we hail from. I have to say the demographics parallel business school in that there are way more males than females again!

  4. WEEK 1
  5. Lecture 1: Aza Raskin, former Creative Lead for Firefox and currently working on a health-related venture at Massive Health start-up

  6. Firefox Developers Conference 2009 #1
  7. "Never doubt that a small group of citizens can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has."-Margaret Mead via @Azaaza #MozNewsLab
  8. Aza Raskin demonstrates rapid prototyping
  9. Lecture 2: Burt Herman, founder/CEO of Storify and founder of Hacks/Hackers
  10. @burtherman encourages more hacks/hackers to start communities, empowering people that care about the same things you do #moznewslab @k88hudson

  11. Burt Herman presents Storify at SXSW Accelerator 2011
  12. Lecture 3: The map moves like butter" - Amanda Cox, NYT

  13. Mapping America: Every City, Every Block :: E-learning ...
  14. MozNewsLab week one: 'Prototyping, engaging, iterating' Alexandra ...
  15. WEEK 2
  16. MozNewsLab Week 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  17. Lecture 4: International Developer Evangelist Christian Heilmann

  18. Interview with Christian Heilmann at Gumtree