Leadership in Diversity: New Models for Growing Audience, Talent & Revenue; Sept. 19, 2011 @ NYT, 15th Floor conference center



    - Diversity 3rd consecutive year of decline across newsrooms

    - 12.79% of newsrooms are diverse -- #ASNE diversity committee Karen Magnuson (@karmagnuson

  3. Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. - Executives Biographies - The New York ...
    Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. - Executives Biographies - The New York ...

    Opening speaker
    Chairman, The New York Times Company, Publisher, The NYT

    - Embraced diversity across all business units
    - Audience "can see thru any effort to 'create' diversity"
    - Content must include diversity of thought, style and tone
    - Recruit outside your comfort zone
    - Hire someone w/less experience than you prefer

  5. TEDxNASA - Frans Johansson - The Future is Diverse and Unexpected

    Headlining speaker (@medicieffect)

    Author of "The Medici Effect: What Elephants and Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation"
    - OBVIOUS: diversity drives innovation 
    - Creative Process: throw stuff out there. Narrow down, research, iterate
    - Creativity v innovation = new idea v execution
    - Warning: If your idea is too big, it mAy never get started
    - Watch out for those "usual suspect" gatherings - not a place for creative, innovative, diverse thinking
    - Best chances of developing groundbreaking ideas when you combine vastly different cultures. 
    - All new ideas are a combination of existing ideas
    - Almost all innovative ideas seem obvious after the fact
    - Bring a different perspective, go where others didn't go before.
    - BOTTOM LINE: If you bring people of diverse backgrounds together you will get better ideas

  7. Meet the Press" Pledges More Diversity | The Maynard Institute
    Meet the Press" Pledges More Diversity | The Maynard Institute
  8. ESPN: Blueprint for Success

    Leon Carter (@ScandalB4God, VP/Exec Editor,

    - Whenever something goes wrong in the newsroom, , "It's a Scandal before god." Thus his Twitter handle:
    - Those of us in leadership positions, I ask each of you what do you do about diversity
    - Leave your comfort zone
    - You see diverse faces at online newsrooms but not too many are running things
    - WARNING: when using clever headlines on deadline, make sure you pass it around diverse members ie. "Dread Scott" for a sports story
    - If you're looking for diverse candidates diversify your recruiting habits and spend some time places you don't usually go 
    - To recruit #diversity, need to diversify recruiting. Try recruiting at historically black colleges like Howard, Hampton
    - What happens when you are not there? Challenge to diverse staf//editors
    - When you look at the #s and you have to cut, I hope you look at the people and not cut diversity

  9. Staffing for Diversity: The Business Case for an Inclusive ...
    Staffing for Diversity: The Business Case for an Inclusive ...

    - Proof DIVERSITY fuels revenue , new biz models on div hyperlocal comms 

    @NY1noticias@TheRoot247 @CNN @JLab @Qcitymetro 


  11. TONJA BROWN (senior editor, strategic integration @CNN)
    - Revenue is a byproduct of a great idea
    - Value different opinions, find dissenters and those culturally curious
    - You got to be agile if you want to see your idea executed, do your research 
    - Be prepared to call in whether fail, succeed etc - like Old Country for Old Men
    - I treat anyone who is in decision making roles at work as person at the bank, dec how fulfill needs: revenue, time before ROI
    - Value different opinions, find dissenters and those culturally curious
    - Keeps me up at night - media industry doesn't understand the multicultural general market

  12. Citizen Journalism with Jan Schaffer
  13. JANE SCHAFFER (@janjlab exec editor @JLab)
    Don't duplicate - do you own market research, test drive your ideas
    - Figure out your elevator pitch, what your ASK is, not same for everybody, could be advice, leads, $ etc
    - Treat your reader as your community, not your customer 
    - Be journalistically curious - ethics are changing - search, who/what identified, anonymous comments, publisher/editor roles, new spaces + judgements

  14. One to One: Maritza Puello, executive editor, NY1 Noticias
  15. MARITZA PUELLO (exec editor @NY1noticias)
    - 20-25% Spanish speaking out of 5 boroughs in NY, challenge is representing all diff ethnicities 
    - We're advocating for the viewer
    - There's a certain personality type that works in startups - good work ethic, easily adaptable
    - Use your staff to reach diverse audiences ie. young reporters and tech
    - Culture issues - paying for stories, appearing on TV - become an educator bc don't want to implode that bridge 
    - Do more w less but what if not have more? stressful but really innovative+streamlined+meaner+eaner bigger! 

  16. ourchinatown | OurChinatown
    ourchinatown | OurChinatown
  17. PAUL CHEUNG (@pcheung630 project director @OurChinatown)
    - Crossroads between diversity and tech - CHINATOWN! comm newspaper but no other outlet - found a niche! 

    - Ultimate goal is to be a mobile newsroom = reporters capturing and downloading news on mobile
    - With 0 mktg + no campaigning - 7000 unique/month in Manhattan -- imagine if expanded, can capture 50% of market
    - Unique idea - think Chinese version of Craigslist 
    - Be agile, not make a fuss when test kitchen somethg ie. try @wordpress - watch how develop + change accordingly
  18. GLENN BURKINS (@glennburkins editor and publisher @Qcitymetro)
    - If you think mainstream publications are slow to adopt the web, African American ones even slower so he was quick to hop on it
    - The mainstream underestimate the importance of Jinwright trial - folks thought they had a comp inside the courtroom @qcitymetro covered extensively
    - When you're a small site and you're taking candidate money - you're very acutely aware when you're writing
    - Don't forget about revenue AND build audience
    - What gets me up in the morning is the readers
    - The Web is like restaurants. You don't go to the same one every day, but you return to the good ones

  19. JOEL DREYFUSS (@joeldr managing editor,
    - Delicate balance w sponsored content 
    - 2M uniques/month - minority of non-African Americans 20-40% but can't sell that group, advertisers only interested in African Ams audience
    - Recommends "The Tanning of America" How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy
    - Why African Am media nec.? ie. being written out of history - Time Inc's profiles of 9-11 -- no African Americans represented!
    - Some potential recruits reluctant to work in ethnic media
    - Once a day, run a story that u think readers will not be interested in -- Reason why we exist
    - Root DC launched by lots of comm civic outreach, leaders, bloggers and a party for @washingtonpost