If you could change anything about Leesville...

Our school is pretty great, but there is always room for improvement. Some students give the Mycenaean their thoughts on what should change about LRHS.

  1. The People

  2. The people you surround yourself with make or break your high school experience. This is certainly true for these people. From profanity to mindsets, these are some students' biggest pet peeves when it comes to their peers.
  3. "There's not many negative things, but I would change a lot of perspectives. I would change the fact that a lot of people aren't open minded, and a lot of people are kinda stuck on one thing. It's kinda like, it's not necessarily as broad as the school could be."
  4. Charity Bizzell, Junior
  5. "The people. I don't know, they're all rude and they dress the same."
  6. Peyton Trout, Freshman
  7. "Less profanity. I understand we're all teenagers, raging hormones and (bleep)-- sorry it's starting to get to me, it's getting in my head-- but like, it's just not very decent. I believe that over time it starts to desensitize people to the actual problem with profanity. It's indecent, not very classy, I guess. I mean, I'm from France, and over there everything's classy."
  8. James Worden, Sophomore

  9. The Classes

  10. We spend our entire school day in the classroom-- of course it would be a main concern for many people. The classes that we get to take and the supplies that are available to us are essential to our time in there. After all, we have to devote an hour and a half to each class!
  11. "I'd put more funding into the visual arts department. The supplies are really not good. Everything is very messy."
  12. Vince Roche, Junior
  13. "I would like to be able to have a little more freedom, as in the classes we get to pick. Like freshman year you're kind of given your required set of classes. It would be awesome if we could have a little bit more freedom, in which, like, levels we get to jump into."
  14. Bella Hamon, Freshman
  15. "This is more of a county thing, but if I have to take AP Gov't then I have to take Civics. That's annoying. That's the only thing [because] I've already taken the class then I shouldn't have to take it again. But I do like most things about Leesville."
  16. Mia Kilman, Junior
  17. How LRHS is Organized

  18. Creating a system that would efficiently take care of over 2,000 teenagers is tough; of course there would be a couple of flaws in it. These students have noticed the imperfections and would like something to be done about it. We are the ones who benefit from the system in place, in the end.
  19. "I would change the parking lot to have two entrances instead of one. I would have [one entrance] by the church and one where we have it, because then there would be less traffic. It would be perfect."
  20. Natalie Carpenter, Senior
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