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Holly P.

analog girl in a digital world


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How You Can Make Millions Trading Stocks and Options Just Like Me.

Ashleyanne Krigbaum

Record player, @KALW 91.7FM roustabout, & unabashed picker of wedgies. Host of #thespot. I make all kinds of radio happen.

dolly moehrle

(Law) librarian. Occasional author.

Nicholas Schiller

librarian, professor, geek, runner. Natalie's partner. Library utility infielder. Frequently wrong, usually interesting. Is large, contains multitudes.


Michigan. Diehard fan of indie/DIY culture and music. Art and design aficionado. Dog person. Homebrewer, foodie and geek. | ∴

Rodrigo Palma

Chilean-born punk-weaned Anglo-Brazilio-phile soul musician. Bass for @savestheday @cameronmcgill and the people.

Franny Gaede

Scholarly Communication Librarian @ButlerLib. Exceedingly fond of office supplies, calligraphy, and knitting.

Barbara Andress

Writer/reader extraordinaire; lover of old movies, Chuck Taylors, Lebanese garlic sauce, and all things British. Possibly in that order.

Vikram Babu

Designer, Aquarian, College Dropout and music writer @tapefamous


aspiring academic, @UTischool grad, Web/UX designer, britpop/britfolk fan, font snob, Web fangirl. living in the best city in america.

Cate Levinson

kids' librarian, goofball, reader, learner, dabbler, general enthusiast. All opinions my own & not my employer's.