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  1. cheap car insurance in
  2. cheap car insurance in
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies: 
  5. How much will average insurance be for me.?
  6. I am 17, just passed my driving test and I am considering buying a 1997 AUDI A3 1.6 Sport."
  7. I just hit a car. how much will the damage cost?
  8. I was driving out of a parking garage and took a turn too tight and my door scraped a parked car's bumper. it scraped the paint on the left side of their bumper-about the size of a football. it looks like it can be buffed out. but on the top of the scraped part there is a broken part about the length of my forearm-not broken exactly, it is a length of spiderweb-cracks in the plastic. The car is a small black one but i dont know the make. i left a note in their windshield with my number on it. i want to pay for the damage myself so my insurance doesnt go up. does anyone have an estimate on how much this will cost?"
  9. What is the cheapest insurance for a road trip around europe?
  10. 3 guys, age 19, 3 weeks in august, had licenses for a year, driving a small car. Anyone know what company would be the best to look at? And im fed up of looking through comparison websites :P"
  11. Help with car insurance cost?
  12. I'm a 18 year old male with a clean driving record I'm on my parents insurance plan I want to get a used jeep wrangler with a lift kit what's a good estimate on how much it would cost monthly for me to have this vehicle?
  13. How much will an average full coverage insurance for a BMW motorcycle cost. Type k1200r.?
  14. I have no traffic violation and perfect credit record. I am 56 years old.
  15. What is the average cost of motorcycle insurance in illinois for a 21 year old?
  16. What is the average cost of motorcycle insurance in illinois for a 21 year old?
  17. Insurance on car?
  18. My dad said insurance on the car I want will be $700 a month.(I'm 18 and its for full coverage) Is that the price I pay if the car is insured under my name? I know if my dad insured the car under his name the price for insurance would drastically drop. My question is would I still be able to drive the car if its insured under my dads name and still be part of the whole insurance thing. You guys, the reason I sold my old car is becouse I wanted this newer car I've wited 3 months so far and I'm planning to pay for the car myself. But insurance is going to kill me. If you can also tell me about some good insurance companies out there that are cheap(we have something century rite now). When I heared how much it would cost I almost cried."
  19. Do you think aero upgrades will cause my insurance to go up?
  20. I live near Virginia international raceway and wanted to add some aero upgrades for my car. I also want to lower it and get performance brakes. Do you think this will increase my insurance greatly? I can't call until tomorrow but I'm just curious what others think.
  21. Insurance m3 17 year old?
  22. I have found a really nice BMW m3 2005 on eBay and considering it as a first car i have had simlair quotes for 1.4 polo what i was wondering is if i could have it on commercial insurance on my dads policy and me as a named driver as i wouldn't be driving as often as him and around how much would it be if Ive had a quote of 4700 on my own policy?
  23. How much to get a 2007 BMW 335i insured?
  24. I have been looking for a beamer recently and I found one it's a 2007 BMW 335i blue coupe and I was wondering how much insurance is for it in California.
  25. Car insurance- if your vehicle is stolen do your rates skyrocket?