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  1. budget insurance
  2. budget insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://cheap-insure.info/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Car Insurance/Title help?
  6. I'm having a baby due at the end of this month and my car was just totaled by hitting a deer so I need to get a new one asap. The car that was just totaled was my first car which was in my parents name and insurance was also under there name. My boyfriend will be getting the loan for the new car because he has better credit, but we wanted the insurance in my name because it is cheaper so how do we go about doing that? If even possible"
  7. Is proof of insurance required in California?
  8. my accounting teacher challenged us and offered extra credit. He says liability insurance is not required in California and if i get pulled over and they ask for it, i can tell them that i'm only going to show license and registration and thats it. I can tell him legally i don't have to show proof of insurance. He was legitimate proof though. Help me prove him wrong please if he is indeed wrong. Thanks"
  9. What is the best auto insurance for teens?
  10. What is the best auto insurance for teens?
  11. B Average for Car insurance Discount?
  12. Will I still get the B Average car insurance discount if I have a 84.86 Average?
  13. Is Blue of california a good health insurance?
  14. Is Blue of california a good health insurance?
  15. Any 1 want life insurance or mediclaim?
  16. v r giving best service with lower price...
  17. Car Insurance - 17 Year old!?
  18. part time motor trade insurance - That's the insurance policy that my dad's on, would it be possible for me to be added onto this policy then drive the cars that are insured on it. If not what's the best way about getting cheaper insurance policies? The way I thought I got cheaper insurance was that my dad would start a policy then add me as a named driver, is it still the same? Thanks in advance!"
  19. I was in a car wreck how much should i ask for from insurance company?
  20. i had to go to the hospital for whiplash very painfull also missed over a week of work they are paying for the repairs top my car but what about me .........i was sitting at a red light and this chick crashed in to me from behind
  21. How much does it cost to insure a 1999 Audi?
  22. I am a 16 girl and just bought a 1999 Audi in Vermont. How much will it cost to insure the car?
  23. "16 year old guys, how much do you pay in auto insurance every month?"
  24. im tired of filling out online quote forms, just so it can tell me to call a customer service rep. i dont even have a car yet, but im planning on getting one, and im just wondering what the average for 16 year old guys is for auto insurance how much do you pay for insurance per month, how old are you, what do you drive? is it like $150, $200, $250, $300"
  25. Any suggestions on first time driver insurance in the nyc area?