The Trumpster Fire (3-16-17)

  1. My dog still  hasn't figured how to sit properly  ????
    My dog still hasn't figured how to sit properly ????
  2. NEWS: "The U.S. military has drawn up early plans that would deploy up to 1,000 more troops into northern Syria in the coming weeks, expanding the American presence in the country ahead of the offensive on the Islamic State’s de facto capital of Raqqa, according to U.S. defense officials familiar with the matter." (Washington Post)
  3. ANALYSIS: The Washington Post has an interesting article dissecting the Trump tax leak and arguing that it wasn't Donald Trump who leaked the taxes. Read it here.
  4. NEWS: "President Donald Trump thinks it was "disgusting" and "illegal" that his 2005 federal tax returns were leaked to MSNBC Tuesday, calling the reporter who obtained them a "weird dude." (ABC 13 WHAM)
  5. NEWS: "President Trump’s budget blueprint for the coming fiscal year would slash the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent and cut State Department spending by a similar amount in a brash upending of the government’s priorities, according to congressional staff members familiar with the plan." (New York Times, Also: Washington Post, TPM, AP)
  6. NEWS: The Muslim Ban 2.0 was blocked by a Hawaii court yesterday evening just a few hours before it would have taken effect. A Maryland court joined in blocking the ban this morning. (CNN, Snopes, Washington Post)
  7. NEWS: "Alt-right" Internet losers from 4chan, 8chan and Reddit are harassing David Cay Johnston, the reporter who received and reported on Trump's 2005 taxes. (Media Matters)
  8. NEWS: Re: Trump's budget: White House Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney says that parents would rather pay for bombs than Big Bird. (Politico)
  9. NEWS: Re: Trump's evidence-free wiretapping claims: "Trump told host Tucker Carlson that the administration 'will be submitting things' to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence 'very soon.' The president added that he 'will be, perhaps speaking about this next week' and predicted that 'you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next 2 weeks.'" (Fox)
  10. NEWS: House Speaker Paul Ryan swears Republicare is on track, despite the fact that it seems to be falling down around his ears. (NPR, Washington Post) RELATED: Folks are blaming Paul Ryan for Republicare's failures. (Buzzfeed News, TPM)
  11. QUOTE: "You are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin... trying to dismember this small country which has already been the subject an attempted coup." - Senator John McCain to Senator Rand Paul, over Paul's objections to advancing a bill supporting Montenegro's entry into NATO. (Daily Beast)
  12. NEWS: "The Trump administration proposes to kick-start construction of a border wall with $4.1 billion in spending through 2018, an official said Wednesday." (Politico)
  13. ANALYSIS: "President Trump on Thursday released his administration’s first budget blueprint, which among other cuts proposes eliminating all federal funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. [...] we do have some sense of what the public broadcasting system might look like if the budget passed as Trump has proposed it." (NiemanLab)
  14. OPINION: Trump recently signed an executive order allowing him to "reorganize" the government - or at least, the executive branch of it. The EO looks innocuous enough, but it could allow for some really bad actions: consolidating power, eliminating checks and balances, that sort of thing. The Rude Pundit has a rant up about it (with plenty of NSFW language).
  15. FACT CHECK: Donald Trump did a rally in Nashville yesterday, and Politifact has a fact check up for it. Read it here.
  16. NEWS: Alabama has a bill in their state congress declaring the state a "Right to Life" state, just in case Roe v. Wade gets overturned under Trump. (TPM)
  17. NEWS: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) says that federal law enforcement officers are withholding information in the Trump-Russia investigation and he's super mad about it. He's refusing to move forward with confirmation hearings until he gets answers. (Washington Post, TPM)
  18. NEWS: The House GOP huddled over Republicare yesterday and now claim they think they can get the concessions on the bill that they want, which is not great news since they want to end the Medicaid even sooner and impose a work requirement on folks receiving Medicaid, among other things. (TPM)
  19. NEWS: Trump crapped all over Republicare on Tucker Carlson's show last night, admitting that the bill was bad for his supporters and saying he wouldn't sign it if it was bad. (TPM)
  20. NEWS: Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, is out and about this morning being very supportive of the massive cuts to the State Department budget that Trump is proposing. (TPM)
  21. NEWS: "U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called on North Korea on Thursday to abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, saying the isolated nation 'need not fear' the United States." (AP)
  22. QUOTE: "Hoping @POTUS tells Hawaii judge what Andrew Jackson told overreaching court-'I'll ignore it and let the court enforce their order.'" - @GovMikeHuckabee, referencing the Trail of Tears and Andrew Jackson ignoring the SCotUS order that affirmed the sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation. (TPM)
  23. NEWS: Dennis McDonough, Obama’s chief of staff from 2013 through 2017, denied that Obama did - or even could - order the wiretapping of Trump at Trump Tower prior to the election. (TPM)
  24. NEWS: Our favorite White House aide, Sebastian Gorka, the Twitter "Fight Me IRL" guy with the racist Hungarian medals, is back in the news. Vitézi Rend, a Hungarian Nazi group, is saying that Gorka made a life-long oath of fealty to them. (The Forward, TPM)
  25. NEWS: Trump might have blabbed some classified information when he talked about the CIA being hacked and that a lot of information was taken from them. Trump was on Tucker Carlson last night, where he said, "And by the way, with the CIA, I just want people to know, the CIA was hacked and a lot of things taken. That was during the Obama years. That was not during us. That was during the Obama situation." Apparently the problem is that he mentioned Obama and when the hacks happened, which I guess you're not supposed to do. (TPM)
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