Google Reader Shitstorm

The 'Show me the data' approach usually will point you in the right direction. But without 'Show me the data in context' it can end up in a shitstorm. A small group of people got pissed off and these few people are able to share items with notes. Here is the summary:


  1. UPDATE: This is single best introduction and reflection on Google Reader story. You should read it before the other references:
  2. I just had to start with my own comment :o)
  3. "The demise of Google Reader's share features is affecting everyone from RSS-junkies to Iranian freedom fighters, and many of them are very displeased. [..] Displeased is actually not a strong enough word to describe these sentiment. These people are pissed, and they're fighting back. (There are already protests plannedoutside of Google offices and a petition--using Google Docs, of course--to save Reader's social features.) The dissenters divide into two camps: Iranians and the Sharebros."
  4. "Believe it or not, the outrage over the new Google Reader design is leaking out of the Sharebro circles and becoming rather deafening. [..] In the meantime, this all-caps tweet says it all: "MY GOOGLE READER JUST CHANGED AND I AM SO MAD. UGH GOOGLE I QUIT YOU."
  5. "Yesterday, I got an email from a good friend with a subject line that needed no further explanation: "Google Reader." It was sent to a group of mutual friends, bemoaning the recent changes to Reader's interface, thereby kicking off a lengthy discussion thread. [..] It may not have been an overwhelmingly huge number of people that were using the "Share" and "Share With Comment" buttons on the old Google Reader, but those that did were doing so on a regular basis, probably for several years."
  6. "Google released the previously announced set of changesaround G+ integration and UI updates today, and boy is it a disaster. [..] the old interface wasn't perfect either, though it wasdesigned around satisfying the primary use case of reading. In any case, I only have so much time, and need to save my rage for the next section of even more egregious changes."
  7. "I give the new Google Reader user experience an “F” for Fail. On the overall changes as well as the unhelpful response from Google to its user base I give the new Google Reader a big, fat “E” for Evil"
  8. "I care a lot about free network services. Recently, I have been given lots of reasons to be happy with the progress the free software community has made in developing services that live up to my standards. I have personally switched from a few proprietary network services to alternative systems that respect my autonomy and have been very happy both with the freedom I have gained and with the no-longer-rudimentary feature sets that the free tools offer."
  9. "Hearing radio silence from Google, self-identified Google Reader fanatic (also known as a Sharebro) Francis Cleary decided to take things into his own hands. Cleary tried using Google+ a bit but says it didn't feel right. So over the past ten days, Cleary has been devoting every minute of his free time to building his own social RSS site that will keep Reader's dying features alive. For now, he's calling it HiveMined."