ORGcon 2013

THE one-day conference on digital rights organised by Open Rights Group. ORGcon couldn't be more timely considering the PRISM revelations about NSA's domestic spying program and the recent development regarding Snoopers' Charter. Watch our interviews of John Perry Barlow, Tim Wu and more.


  1. John Perry Barlow - The Freedom to know

    Just before his keynote speech, we were lucky to sit down with EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow who shared his views on: the latest PRISM revelations, the continuous gap between the law and the leading age of technology, his endless campaign for digital rights, open source and much more. Watch this inspiring and though provoking conversation.
  2. EFF co-founder Jonh Perry Barlow @ ORGcon 2013
  3. Tim Wu - The Digital Rights Movement

    Tim Wu, policy advocate, professor at Columbia Law School and author of "The Master Switch", talks to us about the recent PRISM revelations, the centralisation of the Information online which makes spying easier and how important it is for each user to learn and campaign about their digital rights.
  4. After an introduction by Jim Kellock, Tim Wu opened the conference with a keynote speech on digital rights movement.
  5. Emily Goodhand 

    Emily Goodhand, (aka "Copyright Girl") talks to us about the Digital Economy Act (DEA), orphan works and why you should join the Open Rights Group.
  6. "CopyrightGirl" at ORGcon13
  7. Lily Ash Sakula - Bethnal Green Ventures

    At ORGcon, Lily Ash Sakula talks to us about Bethnal Green Ventures, an accelerator programme for early age tech startups who are trying to solve social and environmental problems, and the Social innovation camps, 48 hours hack weekends for social change.
  8. Bethnal Green ventures - ORGcon