LeWeb'13 by Mobile Reporter

Latest news from LeWeb on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship with interviews of the main speakers.


  1. The Sharing Economy

    Global trend and theme of this year's edition, LeWeb's Co-founder Loic Le Meur gave in his keynote presentation an overview of what is sharing economy and how he composed this year's programme. See video and slides below:
  2. Opening Remarks @ LeWeb London 2013-0445
    Opening Remarks @ LeWeb London 2013-0445
  3. Opening Remarks - Geraldine & Loic Le Meur - LeWeb Founders - LeWeb London 2013
  4. Breather

    Julien Smith, co-founder and CEO of Breather talks to us about his on-demand network of private rooms designed for work and relaxation. Users can grab their phone, open an app and reserve a room nearby at anytime. Breather launched today (June 5th) and will be first available in big american cities, then hopefully soon in London and give access to rooms all over the city.

  5. Unlock beautiful city spaces with your phone - Breather @ LeWeb'13
  6. Digital Currency

    Just before taking part to the panel on "the pros and cons of Bitcoin", Tony Gallippi talks to us about BitPay, a payment service provider he co-founded in 2010. 
    BitPay has recently raised $2 Million more in funding to lead the market in digital currency payment processing and aim to offer a stable and secure Bitcoin focused alternative to PayPal.
  7. A PayPal for Bitcoin - BitPay @ LeWeb'13
  8. Watch below the panel on Bitcoin with Tony Gallipi, Shakil Khan from Spotify and Roger Ver, CEO, of MemoryDealers. 
  9. The Pros & Cons of Bitcoin - LeWeb London 2013
  10. Snapsation and Memoto

    Perfectly in tune with this year theme on how the sharing economy is disrupting old business models, Snapsation is a service that connects directly customers to local photographers. Its founder Chris Chabot, a photographer himself, knows how hard it can be for photographers to market themselves so he built a frictionless platform where clients can buy photography offers in one click.
  11. Connect with photographers everywhere - Snapsation @ LeWeb
  12. We talked to Martin Källström CEO & co-founder of Swedish lifelogging startup Memoto. Memoto is a GPS camera system with a 5 megapixel sensor that takes a photo every 30 seconds. The user can then both search and share photos through the app.
    After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign where Memoto reached its goal in 5 hours, they have now raised an extra $500 000 in pre-order and just announced they will start to ship by the end of the summer.
  13. A lifelogging camera - Memoto @ LeWeb
  14. Digital Hippies

    After her talk on "Why digital hippies matter", AxL Agency's founder Axelle Tessandier, explains how the sharing economy is going to change the way corporations do business, shifting towards a more meaningful and collaborative model.
  15. Digital Hippies - Axelle Tessandier @ LeWeb
  16. Possibly the first digital hippy, John Perry Barlow talked to us a few days after his presentation at LeWeb. The Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder shared his views on the latest PRISM revelations, the continuous gap between the law and the leading age of technology, his endless campaign for digital rights and much more. We recommend you watch this inspiring and though provoking conversation!
  17. EFF co-founder Jonh Perry Barlow @ ORGcon 2013
  18. Google Glass, toy or revolution?

    Possibly the real attraction of this year's edition, the augmented eyewar Google Glass was the object of all attention and debate, where not less than 3 devices were demonstrated on stage by Robert Scoble, Loic Le Meur and Ben Metcalfe.
  19. The Google Glass Phenomenon, Loic Le Meur, Robert Scoble, Ben Metcalfe-1312
    The Google Glass Phenomenon, Loic Le Meur, Robert Scoble, Ben Metcalfe-1312
  20. The Google Glass Phenomenon, Loic Le Meur, Robert Scoble, Ben Metcalfe-1323
    The Google Glass Phenomenon, Loic Le Meur, Robert Scoble, Ben Metcalfe-1323
  21. IoT

    The Internet of things was represented with "physical web" devices, like the London Start up Good Night Lamp: a simple but elegant network of lamps, when the big lamp is turned on, the little ones turn on too, wherever you are in the world.