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On the way to a blogger

This is the story of starting of my blog and its journey till date.


  1. I have started writing on my blog 3rd of March 2011, two years back. It was a dream for me to start  a blog and I am still thriving to be a better writer. According to Google analytics the site has 500 visits/day on an average. In this post I will share some of the events in my journey and how that might help you in case you have a dream of writing a technical blog.
  2. The Start

    People say well begin is half done, but I could't begin that well. Before I created the blog I had the contents for my first post ready. It  was an example I have created for various hibernate mapping options. I didn't had much idea about generating traffic that time, but I saw 10-15 hits in a week. Even though I have used this as a demonstration in many of my discussions in the team, the post  lacked some punch. Slowly I have lost some interest and didn't write anything for the next 6 months.

  3. The First Hit

    The dream is a dream and it will hunt you all the time. By September 2011, I was interested in books and I was reading some book reviews. In the post titled Top 10 Java Books you don't want to miss I have  linked the books to life-cycle of a developer ie, which book is better at what experience level. Rather than writing my own review I have used Google books text and made sure that people realize those texts are copied. The post also thought me the SEO friendliness of the URL.

    It just got better as I saw some other blog post about DZone where we could submit the links and it gets voted. So, I have submitted my article and it was a game changer. More that 1000 hits on a day for my article and also it was top voted article for a week. they also tweet about the post. I was really happy to see my work got lot of attention and appreciation.

  4. Another happened with the post was an invitation from Ilias Tsagklis to join the Java Code Geeks. Joining Java Code Geeks has given me greater readership and confidence.
  5. Subsequently I was also a gust author at DZone. I wrote this at the beginning of the year and it was the most popular post from me on DZone.  
  6. I was happy to see my posts read and promoted by people. Below were some of the examples from twitter. I have captured them from the analytics dashboard in the blogger.
  7. Recently I spoke at some user groups meetups and I have tried to provide a write up of my talks with the slide on the blog. You can find me on the speaker directory from Lanyrd below.
  8. Last but not the least I would like the thank my loving wife Lakshmi for motivating me to write more. My platform Blogger with its excellent features set has really helped me to present the site in a much better way. I have also enabled the AdSense on my blog which I use to eat out with family once in a while.
  9. Finally I have a custom domain!
  10. Hopes to keep blogging and thanks to all my readers for their support!