How To Make Potato Cheese Nugget Recipe With Vegetables


  1. Cheese Potato Nuggets recipe and easy way to make. Friends friends certainly are familiar with nugget dong, nuggets of meat, vegetable or tofu nugget nugget. Some time ago, we have also been giving how to make healthy chicken nuggets that turned out way make it quite  simple. Now, I will invite my friends to create one new nugget recipe named nugget potatoes. Yes, my friends would always have him it was just created as a potato fries, potato cheese, boiled potatoes and more. This time we will give you the recipe how to make nuggets of potato with cheese and vegetables.

    Make some friends, potato nuggets recipe may sound a bit familiar, Yes, but one of the healthy menu is already pretty much menggunakannnya lho. If the problem of taste and texture, potato nuggets may be different and a bit soft texture than chicken nuggets are fibrous. But if the issue of taste, both of the same same nuggets recipe tasty and definitely frowned upon by older children and other family members. In addition to how to make potato nuggets is fairly easy and straightforward, cost dibutukan to buy his materials are also quite cheap lho. Far more thrifty and cheaper than buying chicken nuggets friends so that is usually the price is quite expensive.

    With a healthy mix of boiled potatoes, cheese  dairy content rich chedar, carrots are rich in natural vitamins and other natural materials, this potato nuggets recipes are very well suited for children's dikosumsi children in periods of growth. Of course, adults can participate if it tasted like. Make a friend who happens to be not a hobby Cook not to worry. How to make a recipe of potato nuggets and tools tools that need very simple lho. Material material can also easily we buy in grocery stores around the House. For more details, please see its details under Yes.
    recipe potato cheese nuggets

    recipe healthy vegetable with potato nuggets
    Ingredients ingredients and Marinade Recipes Nugget Potatoes with cheese

    As the name implies, the material needed is good-quality potatoes more or less as much as 1500 g. .. Choose potatoes that are intact and there are no cuts on the sides.
    Good quality Cheddar cheese more or less as much as 80-100 grams. Could use a low fat or old cheese. Cut a small piece to taste that's easy to blend with other nuggets recipe ingredients.
    Flour approx as much as 150 grams so that lines the nuggets so as not too mushy.
    Small size carrots are good quality 2 pcs or large size 1.5 pcs. Peel the skin and then cut into small little according to taste. The very middle of the cast only.
    Bread flour or breadcrumbs good quality more or less as much as 150-170 grams to coat dough nugget of kentangnya later.
    Medium-size large chicken eggs as many as 3 pcs. Break the eggs and beat batter before being mixed with the other potato nuggets.
    Great medium-size garlic as much as 4-5 cloves. His skin peeled and thinly sliced thinly then fried in the frying pan for easy and then mixed with other ingredients.
    Instant chicken broth a nice quality more or less as much as one half of a small spoon or a teaspoon.
    Pepper powder or pepper smooth more or less as much as 3/4 small spoons. Can be eliminated or reduced if the nuggets want to make friends only for the consumption of a small child.
    Salt that has iodine content as much as approximately one-half of small spoon.
    Fresh leeks approximately 2 rods or one large trunk. Clean, wash and then thinly sliced thin.
    Vegetables Broccoli a bit alone. Clean and wash the small little pieces.
    Cooking oil to fry the garlic and nugget kentangnya later.

    How To Make Vegetable Potato Nuggets

    The first step that must be done is steaming the potatoes until cooked. Peel the skin first then blend once cooked or shredded until smooth before being mixed with the other ingredients.
    Puree garlic already fried and mixed with salt, instant chicken broth and pepper bubuknya. Put in potatoes and stir-stir again until blended.
    Stir in carrots, scallions and broccoli that was cut in small small. Stir to blend well and mix again until all the ingredients are well blended.
    Take the batter to taste and then give the cheese pieces already cut small. Rectangular shape, oval, square or other shape according to taste.
    Rollover the dough into the flour that is already prepared to all parts covered with flour.
    Put the flour into the eggs which have been previously beaten then scroll again to panirnya until all the flour is well mixed and tertutu flat. Repeat until all the dough is nugget is up.
    Before being fried, the nuggets should be put in the freezer first to freeze (or less for at least 20-30 minutes).
    Once frozen, recipe nu