Fried Vermicelli Recipe Is Simple And Delicious Way To Make It


  1. How To Make Tasty Rice Noodle Recipes. Culinary enthusiast friends in Indonesia would already know dong noodle-like food but it thinner called vermicelli. Yes, usually we are certainly more often recognize one type of noodle vermicelli variations as one of the contents of the meatballs, ketoprak, Hor and more. But friends of friends that actually know we can make a variety of dishes, such as vermicelli vermicelli vermicelli cake, chicken, gravy and fried vermicelli vermicelli. This time, I'll invite  friends to try and provide a way to make fried rice noodle is delicious and savory.

    Such as noodles, vermicelli actually comes from China or China. Rice vermicelli dishes are also very popular and popoler in some other Asian countries, such as India, Malaysia, Thailand and more. Not like noodles made from wheat flour, fried vermicelli made from rice flour that is often louder than the noodles. Like food made of rice flour fried vermicelli recipe the other, it is very little fat and also contain lots of calories and carbohydrates your body needs us to have activity. In addition, the vermicelli noodles also contain iron, calcium and phosphorus are very necessary for bone development in the period of growth.

    Perhaps the recipe fried vermicelli noodles and not as popular as it is usually only used to garnish other dishes, but when the problem is actually a sense of both  types of these same noodle recipe is delicious and is well suited for friends, especially if the rice Plus a few other complementary materials in her, such as vermicelli Recipe chicken, shrimp and more. Unlike the yellow noodles or white texture may somewhat soggy so it could direct the raw texture of vermicelli, cooked a bit hard that needs to be soaked several times with hot water before it can be used and cooked into a variety of cuisines. Okay, for more details, please see the ingredients of the recipe fried rice noodle is delicious and how to make fried vermicelli with ease under Yes.
    delicious fried vermicelli recipe

    Good quality raw vermicelli as much as approximately 400 grams. Use the colour white vermicelli is a little dull because it's natural color.
    Fresh chicken meat is more or less as much as 150 gram only. Select the chest that much meat and simmer for a bit so that it is easy to cut into small pieces.
    Fresh shrimp are more or less as much as 80-100 grams. Pooping and clean then boil briefly so that it is easy to cut pieces to taste.
    Medium-size large chicken eggs 2 pcs. Fried eggs in orek like making fried rice so easy when mixed with bihunnya.
    Fresh carrots good quality and small size single pcs or half if large. Clean, wash, Peel the skin and cut into small strips (like the shape of a match).
    Medium-size leeks 2 pcs. Clean and wash the small little pieces.
    Fresh green vegetables mustard 1 bunch of more or less alone. Wash clean before use and small little pieces to taste.
    Cabbage to taste if liked.
    Sweet soy sauce a nice quality more or less as much as 2 tablespoons. Use a thick sauce so that the result is more delicious and legit.
    Smooth or powder to taste pepper to taste.
    Garlic in large measure approx 4-5 pcs. Peel the skin and puree for sauteed.
    Small, medium-size red onion 2 pcs only. Peel the skin and puree for sauteed.
    Salt beryodium more or less as much as a small spoon or a teaspoon.
    Cooking oil to taste.

    How To Make Delicious Fried Rice Vermicelli Easy Specials

    The first step is to soak the mentah if you like vermicelli with hot water until soft. Replace water stew every 5-7 minutes until done. Once cooked flush with cold water so that the process of with the pemasakannya vermicelli stops and not too soggy.
    Prepare a frying pan and give the oil to taste. Stir in onion and garlic that has been mashed and saute until fragrant smell.
    Stir in chicken and shrimp meat already cut small advance and stir stir until meat changes color.
    Fried egg diorak arik briefly and mix with seasoning stir fry with chicken and shrimp above. Stir to blend well again until all ingredients are well blended.
    Stir in the mustard vegetables already cut pieces, worel already sliced and cauliflower if shared. Mix all the vegetables until wilted.
    Enter the leaves bawangnya. Stir to blend well again so that the smeua vermicelli recipe ingredients are mixed perfectly.
    Enter his vermicelli and stir stir stir again with all the ingredients until well blended.
    Enter a delicate pepper, salt and soy sauce beryodium sweetness. Stir and mix all the ingredients until blended and seeped into the bihunnya.
    Sample first, add soy sauce and salt if it is felt necessary.
    Remove the fried vermicelli recipe and serve his meat on the plate.