Delicious Recipe Scrambled Eggs Gyeran Korea, Let's Roll


  1. Ladies, if you've seen the drama Korea, you might  also have seen food Korea that look delicious and easy to make You hungry. If you want to try making Korea cuisine, then try the easiest first, similar to egg rolls, eggs Gyeran name Mari.

    Gyeran mari, or scrambled eggs a la Korea only need basic materials in the form of an egg course. You can also add vegetables to beautify appearance when eggs are rolled and cut.

    Required materials:

    3 eggs

    salt to taste

    pepper to taste


    small diced carrots

    How to make:

    Preheat wok anti sticky heat.
    Give 1 teaspoon oil and flatten with a brush cook or kitchen tissue.
    After a hot pan, add half the beaten eggs, wait until half-cooked.
    At the top of the egg is still wet, sprinkle the carrots  and leeks, then roll up to solid. Set aside on the edge of the pan.
    Pour the remaining egg whisk at the sides of the wok that is still empty, wait until half-cooked.
    Grab your scrambled rolls contain carrots and wraps with an omelet that is already half done. Roll again.
    Omelette rolls back and forth until cooked, but not too long so that the surface of the egg rolls are not dry.
    Lift, wait until cool slightly then slice to taste.

    You make it easy? You can make this Korea-style egg rolls at home. Can prepare for breakfast or lunch. For more tips on OK in order to make more easy and Let Gyeran anti fails, please refer to the tips-tipsnya Diah's blog in the Didi.

    Thanks for the recipe on which Didi Diah are simple and easy to put into practice.