Delicious Brownie Pie Recipe Oma Imo

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  1. Kaastangel cakes and a snack is nastar there's certainly ahead of Christmas. However, if you want a different cake, there is no harm in trying the brownies as part of Christmas celebrations.

    Well, one Brownie that is worth a try is Brownie pie made Oma Omi Recipe. To get it too easy, because Oma Omi Recipe for sale online. "Can be booked through the said owner Oma Omi Recipe, Faye Yolody, Jakarta, Monday (15/12).

    Faye added a cake that became the signature Imo is Oma Brownie pie. In addition, he also sells pumpkin cake, nastar, Kaastengel, Oat cookies, as well as three variants  of its flagship Grilled Rice (nasi bakar anchovies, grilled fried chicken rice, nasi bakar and jerked).

    According to Faye who was the grandson of oma Imo, pastries that he is an alcoholic family and was once made into snack on state occasions at the Soekarno era.

    OMA Imo is one of the members of the family heir to authentic cake recipe from the Soekarno era. In the 1950s, the family of Oma Omi produces various types of cakes and bread to be a State event in the Palace of munchies Bogor.

    Until now, the authentic recipes remain guarded and  used Jun 15, 2015 10:15 AM WIBJun 15, 2015 10:15 AM WIB by Oma Omi in his kitchen. In baking, the authentic recipes using Omi Oma and prioritizes quality of flavors, ingredients, and hygienic.

    "Oma Imo most anti use preservatives in making food. Anyone tried the cake and the cuisine of Oma Omi Recipe will feel the touch of affection an oma, "says Faye.

    Faye explained, reservations for the Jakarta area charge postage. It also provides a cake with packaging that can be adapted to customer requirements, e.g. for gift client companies, or thematic gifts such as Christmas, Idul Fitri holiday, Chinese new year, Valentine's day, and other moments.

    "The pastries are sold with a starting price of Rp 110-650,000," said he.