SF Mayoral Debate, October 6 Commonwealth Club

All 16 candidates appeared on stage, with Melissa Griffin and Beth Spotswood keeping it organized and lively

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  1. Each of the 16 candidates was asked one question, and one follow-up question. Also, each candidate had one opportunity to offer a rebuttal by using their one "R" card, and alerting Melissa, our moderator.

    Here is the first hour of Thursday night's debate

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  3. And we begin! I have no idea what I said, but I just warmed up the crowd. Now, issues! #sfmayor
  4. Cesar in sunglasses. Behold. #sfmayor
  5. Follow up interview with David Chiu, Supervisor, President of the Board, San Francisco District 3; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
  6. Follow up interview with Ed Lee, Mayor, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 
  7. Mayor Ed Lee leads the walk to Marshall Elementary
  8. Follow up interview with Jeff Adachi, Public Defender, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF 

  9. Follow up interview with Dennis Herrera, City Attorney, San Francisco; Mayoral Candidate 2011, SF