That time we all cried about Rey

Is Rey a Mary Sue? Panel at Wiscon40


  1. The "Is Rey a Mary Sue?" official description was the shortest of any panel at Wiscon40: "Yes, and it's about damn time. Let it all out. This panel is for catharsis and joy." And that's precisely what we got.
  2. What is a "Mary Sue"? Originally defined as a "too-perfect" "self-insert" character in "bad fanfic" it's been more recently co-opted by the media to describe a woman who is special because the plot requires it, otherwise known as a protagonist.
  3. Is Rey a Mary Sue? Yes, and it's about damn time.
  4. Let it all out.
  5. I mean all! Representation matters, even (or I'd say especially) in celebration!
  6. Catharsis and joy!