LinkedIn .... UnLoved?


  1. LinkedIn has been in the headlines recently following the news that nearly 6.5 million passwords have been hacked. As Techcrunch pointed out, that does only represent 5% of LinkedIn users. Nonetheless, it was still unwelcome publicity and a timely reminder about good password practice (don't use dictionary words, don't use the same password on multiple sites etc etc).
  2. As with every other news story, this leak generated much Twitter chat. Interestingly, it prompted some people to question LinkedIn's value and purpose. Has LinkedIn been surpassed? If so, by what?
  3. @theREALwikiman noted the 'non-participatory' nature of LinkedIn, but I'd argue that many blogs are just as non-participatory. LinkedIn works well in combination with Twitter etc., but it would be a fairly dull world if LinkedIn were the only online network around.
  4. Blog posts and seminars promising winning formulae for using LinkedIn successfully are everywhere. Literally. And they all seem to be aimed at the 'corporate' bigwig who works in finance and IT. And who can apparently find jobs on LinkedIn. Perhaps LinkedIn just isn't the natural home of librarians and shambrarians!