OPEN CINEMA: Island Green #ConnectTheDocs

A digital archive of OPEN CINEMA's first multi-city hybrid cinema event: Millefiore Clarkes' NFB documentary 'Island Green' was screened in both Charlottetown, PEI and Victoria, BC -- connected via social media and live-streamed post-screening discussion. In partnership with the Canada Media Fund.


  1. We are very grateful for the Canada Media Fund's support for this project.

  2. Read about Connecting the Docs: a multi-city hybrid cinema series here:

  3. All the details about the OPEN CINEMA Connecting the Docs event on January 29, 2014:

  4. Watch the live streamed post-screening discussions from both PEI and BC.

  5. Connecting the Docs: Island Green (1 of 2: Charlottetown, PEI)
  6. As we expected with this experimental project, we encountered a few technical issues, which we are documenting as part of our project supported by the Canada Media Fund.  Please be aware that the Victoria video (below) is slightly out of sync.
  7. IslandGreenDiscussion
  8. We added another layer of community engagement by creating a FACEBOOK discussion group. With no character limit (unlike Twitter), this space allowed members to go into greater depth on the issues. A parallel, but quite unique, discussion took place - beginning a week before the event and continuing now!
  9. ISLAND GREEN Facebook group discussion snapshot
    ISLAND GREEN Facebook group discussion snapshot
  10. The day began in the early afternoon, Pacific Time....

  11. Our team in Charlottetown, PEI kept us informed as the excitement built over on the East coast. Even a snow storm couldn't keep the audience away!