OPEN CINEMA: Google and the World Brain + Post-screening Discussion

A digital archive of OPEN CINEMA's hybrid screening event: documentary 'Google and the World Brain' followed by Livestreamed post-screening discussion + #opencinema tweetchat with Dave Obee, Kim Nayyer and David Leach #GoogleBooks project, #Copyright, #FairUse and the future of libraries.


  1. Watch the documentary GOOGLE AND THE WORLD BRAIN online for a small fee.

  2. Google and the World Brain
  3. Details about OPEN CINEMA's event on November 27, 2013:

  4. Victoria Film reviewer Michael D. Reid reviews Google and the World Brain.

  5. The OPEN CINEMA event begins with food and wine!

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  8. Watch the livestreamed post-screening discussion and read through the #opencinema tweetchat, which paints the picture of both the live and virtual engagement.
  9. OpenCinema - discussion following the screening of Google and the World Brain