OPEN CINEMA: The Ghosts in Our Machine #ConnectTheDocs #ForTheGhosts

A digital archive of OPEN CINEMA's 3rd 'Connecting the Docs' multi-city hybrid cinema event: Liz Marshall's documentary 'The Ghosts in Our Machine' was screened in Toronto and Victoria, connected via social media & live streamed post-screening discussion. In partnership with the Canada Media Fund.


  1. We are very grateful for the Canada Media Fund's support of the Connecting the Docs series

  2. Details about OPEN CINEMA Connecting the Docs THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE event APRIL 23, 2014.

  3. OPEN CINEMA - The Ghosts in Our Machine - Toronto discussion
  4. Watch the Victoria post-screening discussion:

  5. OPEN CINEMA - The Ghosts in Our Machine - Victoria discussion
  6. Check out our Flickr album for photos from the event:

  7. Read through the live blogging narrative from both Toronto & Victoria events and online:

  8. MEANWHILE, in Toronto our sister event is starting to gear up!