#TRBAM 2012 - YMC Sponsored Session on Using Social Media for Professional Networking

The following is a summary of tweets from the TRB Annual Meeting 2012 Session #564, YMC Sponsored Panel 140 Characters or Less: Using Social Media for Professional Networking.


  1. @Transportgooru "virtually" invites all #TRBAM folks to attend, both young & young at heart!

  2. We're bummed too! Next time, live polls, live tweets & more social media involvement!
  3. The excitement builds from the panelists to the crowd!
  4. Epic Panelists!
  5. Oh, we're happy!  :-)
  6. @scamay introduces the panel...


    Stephanie Camay, @scamay

    Why should you use Social Media?

    •       Networking

    •       Information sharing

    •       Knowledge and perspective

    •       Career advancement

    •       Job placement

    •       Industry Research / Best Practices

  7. Andy Palanisamy, @transportgooru

    Identify yourself with “your brand,”

    •       For example: Andy is known as the “transportgooru.”

    •       He strives to maintain a social media brand that is synonymous with transportation expertise.

    @transportgooru wows the crowd with his TRB experience & mad social media skillz.
    His brand *is* synonymous with TRANSPORTATION! Go ahead, google him!