Don’t be a turkey this #TransitThursday, share why you are thankful for #transit!!

Sharing our #TransitThursday #Transit Thanks


  1. Facebook’s 30 days of thanks had me thinking… why not do a #TransitThursday centered around the reasons we are thankful for transit?

    Now I know that next #TransitThursday is actually Thanksgiving in the U.S., but many of you will be in transit to visit and break bread with friends and family.

    So, let’s share our #TransitThursday transit thanks today!

  2. Iowans are thankful for transit and the Iowa Public Transit Association! Transit = connections & learning.
  3. HDR is thankful for transit like the Dallas Streetcar team, they were selected as the lead designer! Transit = work!
  4. Thankful for the #Transit Twitter Community!
  5. ITE is thankful for transit, since it's the only way they'll be getting around for the next two days!
  6. #TransitThursday & #ThrowbackThursday, like Peanut Butter and Chocolate; the perfect combo!
  7. Yes, it's #TransitThursday!!!