30 Reasons to #FundTransit - AKA Why Transit Rocks!

Today is a special #TransitThursday because it’s also @CCTgirl Ashley Robbins 30th Birthday! To celebrate @CCTgirl’s 30th, we kicked off #TransitThursday with 30 reasons to fund transit! :-) So, now I present to you... in no particular order... 30 reasons to #fundtransit:


  1. #1 - Transit takes vehicles off the road, relieving congestion & helps to improve air quality

  2. #2 - Transit creates jobs, takes people to jobs, & is a benefit employers can offer to help recruit employees for jobs!

  3. #3 - Transit helps to open roads for joyriding

  4. #4 - Because it's the cutest way to commute #ItsEasyBaby!

  5. #5 - Because I love trains and buses and having options besides driving!

  6. #6 - Because I like to multitask during my commute!