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Coverage of, reactions to Marissa Mayer's news


  1. Much of the coverage has focused on the challenges Mayer will face as she tries to turn around a struggling company. Some journalists have compared Mayer to Steve Jobs, who turned around Apple in the late '90s.
  2. Some see Mayer's appointment as the most recent example of a woman who's shattering the glass ceiling.
  3. Others have focused more on whether this move is an ascension toward a "glass cliff." Forbes explains that the glass cliff theory "comes from the work of British academics Michelle Ryan and Alex Haslam, who demonstrated several years ago that women are most likely to get appointed to top gigs when the chance of failure is highest."
  4. Journalists have used a variety of words and phrases to describe Mayer -- including "sparkling," "a young star" and "a rare woman." Howard Kurtz wrote: "Call me crazy, but I think there’s a whiff of sexism in the coverage."
  5. Fortune broke the news about Mayer's pregnancy.
  6. News about her pregnancy has sparked the question: Does it matter?
  7. Rachel Sklar of Change the Ratio says: "Honestly, it’s actually one of the most exciting signals in this hire because it demonstrates a key extra level of commitment on the part of the Yahoo! board."
  8. AllThingsD's Kara Swisher reported that sources close to Yahoo's Board didn't see Mayer's pregnancy as an issue.